Cheerleading Skillz On Demand is the first and only on-demand skills education and training tool available for EVERYONE to learn proper and safe skills technique. There is a strong need within the cheerleading industry for an affordable, easily accessible and easy to understand training tool. The availability of such a tool will quickly help improve a coach's ability to teach their cheerleaders and a cheerleader's ability to understand how to perform those skills.
Download Cheerleading Skillz On Demand to your mobile device or iPad to start learning the correct and safe way to perform every stunt and skill.


  • Clear, concise and close-up demonstrations for every skill.
  • On screen notes to accompany every video, highlighting the important technique elements for every position.
  • Beginner through elite skills, dismounts and transitions.
  • Safety reminders on every skill.


"Cheerleading Skillz on Demand is the perfect training tool for all coaching levels and all cheerleaders! It breaks down all the technique clearly and really helps me and my girls understand what we're doing. I highly recommend downloading and using Cheerleading Skillz on Demand to all my coaches in our conference."

Nicole Martin - Cheer Director, Pacific Coast Conference Youth Football and Cheer